ZimZahm Productions

Matin Martini
 or "Matini" for short
Inspired by:
  • The Vesper as described in Casino Royale
  • The unavaliability of Kina Lillet , a bitter French aperitif
  • Campari , my favorite aperitife, also bitter.
  • Three measures of voka
  • One measure of gin (Bond prefers Gordon's)
  • Half a measure of Campari.
Combine ingredients with ice and shake it very well. 
Then, add a large thin slice of lemon peel
Variations for the Tall Drink afficionado:

Matin Soda (also written Mat-N-Soda)
Start with a Matin and add soda to taste.

Matin Tonic (also written Mat-N-Tonic)
Start with a Matin and add tonic water to taste.
(This is my favorite on those occaisions when I'm not in the mood for a martini)

  1. The emphasis on the word "Matin" is on the first sylable, which contains a short 'a'.  The emphasis in the drink , Matin, is on flavor.
  2. Following in Bond's footsteps, the drink would have been named a "Cary Martini", after my current love.  Unfortunately, she couldn't bring herself to say "Not half bad."  Mind you, her taste in drinks runs toward things with umbrellas in them.
  3. Even though Matins are morning prayers (just as Vespers are evening prayers), this isn't especially a morning drink.